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Re: Does links help?
From marge on 13 Feb '99
replying to Re: Does links help? posted by Andrew

>The pages that are being linked to have no other links to them.
Either they're doorway pages, or normally CGI generated pages
(the link leads to the html version). The therory is that if a
page doesn't have a link going TO it, the SE wont give it as much
if any relevance.

lightbulb going off.... I think.

sooooo..... what you are saying is...if you have created a special doorway page tailored to one specific SE, for example,
and link IT to your 'regular' entry page...index.html or whatever,
that there has to be something within your other pages pointing TO
the doorway, as well as 'from' it... or else the engines will just
ignore it? that the only thing you can get away with not pointing TO
as well as FROM is index.html???

ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she says, wandering off and
pulling up her trusty little text editor....

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