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Re: Yahoo listing
From Anton at on 12 August '02
replying to Re: Yahoo listing posted by DAle

>>Could you please advise on how to add extra pages to my already
>>Yahoo!listed site?
>Actually didn't dig deep enough to find your listing? What
>search word did you use to see your listing? Looks like you may
>have the same description on all your pages regarding metatags &
>content, and I'm sure that using a keyword over 4-5 times with be
>bypassed by most spiders who look at that as spam and won't even
>index your site.

Thankyou for reply!
Yet you haven't answered my question. What do I do in order to
list new pages of my Yahoo! listed site, or will they be added
automatically since the whole site is listed?

Too see my site listing you could enter the site URL in search
box, this is how I do it. Or you could type in for example Travel
to St. Petersburg, History to see one of the pages listing.

Thanks for commenting on my keywords. I sure did not mean to
write the same keyword over 4-5 times. Saint-Petersburg,
Visiting, Visiting Saint-Petersburg. I thought such keywords
considered as different. Do you mean that keywords Saint-
Petersburg and Visiting are repeated twice here?

What's wrong with having the same META TAG description the same
on each page as long as it's good and appealing enough?

Thank you in advance.

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