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Re: Yahoo listing
From Hope on 13 August '02
replying to Re: Yahoo listing posted by Anton

How to get a second page listed in Yahoo...I don't see a first
page listed in Yahoo. There is one listing that shows up when I
do a search on your URL. It is a Google directory page, not a
link to your site. What you are seeing is google results and are
completely different than Yahoo results.

Your question about keywords... Yes, your example shows the same
keywords twice. I would suggest you cut your keywords down to a
few important ones. What you have now will be seens as spam.
Don't repeat your keywords more than 2 times. Don't repeat them
after one another.

Meta Tags... You should have a different meta keyword, meta
description and title tag on each page. This information tells
the search engines and your visitors about the page they are on.
This information should be about the page it is on. If you have
a page about Flats, then there should be only information about
Flats in the meta tags and title, there should be no information
about busses.

I viewed your site with Netscape and recieved a java script pop-
up. I have no idea what it says because I do not have a font
capible of reading it, on top of that, I can't read russian. I
know there was something about internet explorer. Please keep in
mind that there are still Netscape users, there are many Opera
users and users of other browsers out there. You may want to
consider making sure your site works for them, or at least your
pop-up alerts are in a lanuage we can read.

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