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Re: position sales killing small business
From marge on 14 Feb '99
replying to position sales killing small business posted by Bruce

>The big operators who sign on multiple dealers (Art is the field) are getting all the high search engine rankings (well most). It is well known that they are guarenteeing thier clients a high ranking and are paying for it.
>What can a poor small guy do to combat this? Don't say join up please.

have you read, and implemented!, all the suggestions in the online manual/tutorial here, and gone thru the archives for more tips?

Have you changed your keywords and meta-tags to follow the suggestions, used <alt> tags stuffed with appropriate keywords for each image on your pages?

Have you run your pages thru the various HTML checkers online to make sure the code is poifict?

Have you exchanged links with appropriate/complimentary pages?

I'm in a field that competes with the "big guys" branches of multimillion dollar companies with known brand recognition.

And, yes, on some engines they have the multiple top listings for some of my keywords.

But, as a result of doing all of the above, I am getting traffic from each engine, and rank in either the top 10 or at least top 30 for many keywords.

Yeah, I'd rather be #1 on each SE for each keyword but NO ONE, not even the big guys achieve that.

and this afternoon I'm recoding a shopping cart to finally start with online credit cards, while my new employee is filling orders in the work room.

It DOES work. I'm just one person, with absolutely no computer training. But I've learned to do it myself. Trust me, if I can, anyone can!

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