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Re: SEO Conference
From Hope on 19 Feb '03
replying to Re: SEO Conference posted by Inachu

Same here, are you enjoying digging out of all this wonderful snow?

>I'm just bit tad north. Close enough to use the metro.
>>Aww heck Inachu, I am in the DC area too. It is only a 3 hour
>>train ride or a 5 hour car drive up to NYC. We are actually
>>looking at holding a conference here in DC. Don't know if there
>>is enough interest though.
>>The only "certified" school I have heard of is the one for WPG.
>>I wouldn't waste my time on that one. Mostly because WPG doesn't
>>do much for rankings and can do more harm than good.
>>I learned everything the old fashion way, trial and error. I have
>>been playing with the search engines since Infoseek indexed your
>>site in about 2 minutes. I am not sure that these schools will
>>teach much. Especially since things change so much.
>>So are you north or south of the beltway?
>>>Hi Hope,
>>>I would go but seems all these so called hi-tech shows never go
>>>to DC area. The only cool hi tech show in DC is FOSE.
>>>How much do you personally think of these new so called SE
>>>certified schools? Seems ever field will need certification.
>>>I won't be surprised when even burger flipping will need
>>>certification in the near future.
>>>>SEO and eMail Seminar in NYC on Feb 19th. http://www.seo-
>>>>Anyone interested in attending can contact me for a 50% discount code.

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