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Read this!!
From wes on 14 Feb '99
replying to Re: position sales killing small business posted by marge

Ok,im sure you read my post on what i think about search engines.I dont spend any time with them because ive had much success on the internet without them.My business is mostly run through infomercials,radio,and magazine ads,and i know what its like to compete with the big boys.But i do know a lot about engines and if you are really striving to win the search engine war then i have a gift for you.

1.) Use Keywords as Filenames.
If your page is about music try to rename your file indicating content.From: to:
*** Use Keywords as File and Folder/Directory names. This is one of thesimplest,
most effective, elegant and common sense solutions to making yourentire website
more intuitive within search engines of all types.

2.) Image Alt
Spiders look at the alternate image text so type something thatdescribes your
page's main idea.
*** Don't spam using this technique and don't expect a graphics onlypage to rate
high because of alt tags. NOTE: On our site approximately 25% of thepeople
viewing our pages do so with graphics turned off. It's faster that way,
but your alt
text can make more info available for those visitors with graphics off.

3.) Passwords, Java & Image Maps.
Robots have dificulty with javascripts, passwords, and Image Maps. The
description appearing in some search engines will be the first 200words, if you
have java applets as the first 200 words ....
*** Many search engines have difficulty with cgi, avoid navigation bars
at the top ofa page as well, avoid confusing the robots.

4.) Avoid Frame-based Designs
Some search engines don't understand frames. Don't use them or use theno
frames tag.
*** ALWAYS have a leader (home page) without frames for search enginesto use!

5.) User Oriented Keywords
Will a novice search using the same words like professionals? Use wordsfor all
languages levels. (use a thesaurus to find them). Be aware of thegrowing
importance of "key phrases" as well as just keywords.
*** newbies usually use 1 word2-3 words after 6mo-1 year3-5 after 2 yrs
Use key phrases as well in your "keywords" tag

6.) Location
Pages with Keywords in the title are assumed to be more relevant thanothers.
Search engines will also check if the keywords appear near to the top,such as a
headline (in bold is sometimes better).

7.) Keyword
Research To determine the best keywords for your keyword metatag. Askyour
visitors which words they would use to to find you. Make a list of
keywords, search
in the engines and see what keywords used by your competitors. Choosethe
better keywords, and build a separate page for each group. Be surethey're
mentioned early on in your web page.

8.) Keyword Titles
Be sure that if your keyword is in your title you will be on the top of
the search.
Build a separate page for each keyword, fill the page with keyword-richrelative
titles, tags and content.
*** The current recomendation is using your "exact" page title in a H3
tag as wellas in your dynamic first paragraph

9.) Character & Word Counts
Limit metatag character counts to 1000 each to comply with searchengines limits.
*** Keywords are character counts of 1000 however, relevancy "is
important" If you
cannot make one dynamic 4-6 line paragragh for the top of your page
using all your
keywords-key pharses - you have too many! Seperate the info into twopages by
relevancy. Description should be limited to 200 characters

10.) Don't repeat (spam) your Keywords. Some say limit to 7 repetitions.
*** * Three times only in the Keyword Meta tag!

11.) Avoid All-at-once Submissions.
All-at-once submissions limit your exposure-ability. Some enginesdetect if you
submit a lot of pages at the same time. (Do it anyway, we all do, but
also, investyour time in manually submitting!!!!)
*** Submit your page to Infoseek first! They usually index within 2min. search
using your keywords, phrases, and see how you rank. Make adjustmentsbefore
submitting to other search engines. NOTE: you can only submit the sameURL
ONCE within a 24 hr period. Make your adjustments then re-submit 24 hrslater.

12.) Link Popularity
Some search engines such as Webcrawler and Lycos rate the relevancy bylink
popularity. Meaning, if many others link to you, you'll be on the top.Hence,
negotiate links exchanges and submit your page everywhere.
*** Hot bot and Excite also rank by links referring into your pages.
Start buildingthose connections with other like minded marketers.

13.) Your Title Should contain your most important keywords.
*** Our current recomendation is using your "exact" page title with an<H3> tag

14.) Descriptive Paragraph
The first few sentences of your page must sell your service. You may
achieve a top
10 ranking, but if the 2 or 3 sentence description that search engine
extract fromthe top of the page (or your descriptioin META tag) sounds dull or
uninviting people
will pass you by as they read other more interesting descriptions.Think of
classified ads and "hot" adcopy words.

15.) Comment tags
Not visible by your browser - but spiders, and those sourcing your
page, read them."<!--"
Always remember that spiders look at comments and index them. Delete ormodify
comments that weaken your's page's main idea-- Delete comments fromthings like
banner exchanges.
*** Do not use comment tags to spam your keywords - the search engineswill
ignore and in some cases ban your page, their algorithms are gettingquite good.

16.) Robots Meta Tag
<META NAME="robots" CONTENT="all">
This indicate to visiting robots if a
document may be indexed, or used to harvest more links. The list ofterms in the

17.) Revisit
< META NAME="revisit" CONTENT="7 days">
Set the engines up to come visit you a little later....
*** That is, only until you're happy with your search engine rating.
Then remove thistag! Don't give them a reason to revisit and move you down!

18.) Repeat the Title Tag
Some sites in the top 10 repeat 2 or more times the TITLE tag.
*** Best to repeat only once. Again, search engine algorithms
aregetting better
and better at weeding out the "tricksters". The tricks of 6 months ago,
are NOT aseffective as they were then. In fact they can move you down or out of
many searchengines.

19.) Keywords 2
When you've completed your keyword list, use the plurals too. If anykeywords are
routinely mis-spelled, include the incorrect version in your keywordlist!
*** Many search engines don't look at the plurals, none the less, somedo. Be
careful to stay within the 3 repeat limit - even with plurals.

20.) See the code of Gurus.
Go to the search engine you want. Search for: internet promotion, webpromotion,
engine position, engine placement, url promotion, etc. See the code and
learn whatthey do.

hope this helps

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