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An idea for banner exchanges
From wes on 17 Feb '99
Hi everyone,
I was just reading through the deadlock site and got to the section about banner exchanges and thought of a great tip.Here is what one part of it said:

"Example A: You've worked really hard to get a good listing on Yahoo! A user finds you there and clicks on your link. So there you have it, the fruits of your labour, a visitor to your site. And what's the first thing they see? A banner advert inviting them to leave your page!!"

Here is the solution:Make all of the links that go to someone elses website open in a new window.Now when someone clicks on the link that leaves your page,he will most likely forget about you once he is finished with the page he is on.But instead of him closing the window and never returning to your site,he will close the window and your site will be there waiting for him.

Here is how you do this: Add target="_blank" after the link to the other persons this
<a href=" target="_blank">

There you go.Now you wont lose your visiters for another attemted traffic generator.

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