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Must site conduct online transactions for Yahoo listing?
From Jeff on 17 Feb '99
replying to Re: $200 to be listed in Yahoo posted by NightFly ~*

That Express Listing page on Yahoo says to be accepted the submittor
(aka The Sucker) understands the following:

"1)My site offers online transactions over the Internet, and conducts
business in the United States."

Is offering online transactions a requirment of being listed in
Yahoo!? We don't offer such a service. We are listed in the local
but not national Yahoo! directory.

I see no reason for such a requirement. Would a shipyard have to sell
oil tankers over the net with a credit card for payment? What if a
company sells explosives? Our site is aimed more toward larger uniform
buyers, not individuals.

Our customers are told to phone their orders to us (at THEIR cost) and
almost none have objected to that policy.


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