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Re: Yahoo-we're in! and how I did it.
From Joe at SVC Nightclub and Bar Services, Inc. on 19 Feb '99
replying to Yahoo-we're in! and how I did it. posted by Jeff

>Last month, after two years of trying, I gimped my way into Yahoo! via
>the "easier" local listings. We were not listed under... Apparel:
>Uniforms:Medical with the anointed few of our industry. We were
>relegated to a listing under the suburb of Crestwood Missouri, a town
>with two gas stations and a big mall.

This is something I've also noticed lately, I check for my strategic keyords to update listings on a daily basis, and have noticed an adittion of two new sites lately, both via the 'easier' local listing. I smell a trend? A back door thats not stuck shut?

>Our local listing came less than a week after I sent a plea to the
>Yahoo help address:

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