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that's the problem
From R-Wulf on 21 Feb '99
replying to Re: Nice site, but yahoo won't list me. posted by Rafe Kemmis

What, you can't be serious. How hidy tidy, pretentious can a company be.
Just because I don't have tons of traffic. That's the main reason I'm trying to get
onto yahoo, to increase traffic. How would they really even know, they
don't know when the last time that counter was reset [a long time ago actually].
I already tried to join one webring, but was never added. And I don't want
to put a million webrings on my main page, nothing irritates me more
than slow websites, so I'm not about to make mine slow. Some of the
other pages in that same category don't tons of traffic.
BTW, thanks for the compliment

>Hey, Your site looks very great, but it looks like you need more trafic from other links before Yahoo! will consider you.
>Try joining webrings... getting linked on other anime sites.. and try spamming to get in the top ten. Find sites in the top
>ten for what your searching for and get them to put a link on their page. Once your start getting more traffic.. Yahoo! will
>probably see that other search engines are ranking you well and maybe yahoo! will too.
>>Help, I have been trying for a year, several times now, to get my site
>>listed in Yahoo under Entertainment/Comics_and_Animation/Animation/Anime/.
>>But they refuse to add my site. There is nothing pronographic or horribly offensive
>>on my page, and I'm not trying to sell anything. Why can't I get it listed?

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