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Re: Happy99 virus and commercial sites
From wes on 3 March '99
replying to Happy99 virus and commercial sites posted by Jeff

>Yeah I know there are tons of phoney virus alerts on the net. But
>I the past week I've been mailed the Happy99.exe virus THREE times from
>different sources. Today I got an email from Costra Rica at our business
>site that contained the Happy99.exe in an attachment.
>THIS IS NOT A HOAX. If deleted, the attachment does no harm. There's
>a lot of info on the net about how to clean up your computer if you
>become infected with this virus.
>I wonder how big a problem viruses are to busy commercial sites that
>receive lots of email. BTW, I understand Happy99 is only two months
>old and Nortons and several other programs don't detect it.
>What is the best way to handle email with attachments? I always delete
>them. Is that right?

Yes,just delete it asap.That virus can also attach itself to every one of your outgoing emails.So whenever you send an email the virus goes right along with it.Good way to piss off all your virus that isnt a hoax is the penpal virus.My friends computer was infected with it.Whenever you get an email with penpals in the subject dont open it.


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