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Re: Yahoo???
From Bill on 5 March '99
replying to Yahoo??? posted by Nick Morris

>How do I get my site logged with Yahoo?

Follow their instructions implicitly!

From the Yahoo! home page, click on the Help button at the top.
It will take you to Yahoo! How-To. Below that is a link,
"Suggesting a Site". It explains, in detail, how to list with
Yahoo! There is also an e-mail support link that you can use
if your site is taking a long time to show up. As your dues
for the information I've given, you'll have to find the e-mail
address yourself. It is on the site.

Some goofballs wait 9 months for their listing to show up without
doing a thing about it. Ha Ha. Some even have the nerve to complain
because the editors at Yahoo! rewrote their sh*t descriptions or
figured that it was worthless and just deleted it.

"If several weeks pass, and a necessary change has not been
made, we can only locate your change request if you provide us
with both your site's exact URL as it appears in Yahoo! and the
date on which you submitted your request. Please mail this
information to our User Support Department." - Yahoo!


If you're site is something that the editors at Yahoo! believe
would be of some value to their millions of users, they'll add
you. It will occasionally take some time to get listed, but you
have to consider that they ARE the most popular directory on the
Net and prefer to remain that way.

If you need to change a listing join the crowd. But at the time
you submitted your site the editors put it where they thought
best (their right) and that's what you got. Occasionally they'll
change a listing, but only if your traffic warrants the change.

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