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Re: Webmasters, If you are sponsoring banners for Cyber Thrill Casino - Read This!!
From Les Paradise at CYBER SCAM on 16 March '99
replying to Webmasters, If you are sponsoring banners for Cyber Thrill Casino - Read This!! posted by Bob Cash

>If you are or thinking of sponsoring banners for Cyber Thrill Casino, Think twice. I have been notified by other webmasters who have sponsored their (Cyber Thrill)banners.
>It seems when it comes time for them to pay, They DON'T! I have included a message they have been sending out to everyone who asked for their money. See Below
>I would like you to forward this on to as many webmasters (any one who has a web page) you know, so we can stop them from cheating others. If you have been paid by Cyber Thrill, please let me know.
>Bob Cash /CEO
>This is what they have been sending out to everyone::
>Our Final Response
>If you have not received a check within two weeks of the date that
>the check was sent on, please stop advertising for us.
>We have a sophisticated tracking and fraud control system.
>The traffic you sent us has been continuously monitored.
>It did not meet the required pay back criteria for this program.
>Your account has been banned automatically and you will not be
>paid for your past hits. Our decision on this matter is final -
>please do not send any more inquiries about previous checks.
>We admit that we should have informed you of this decision in advance.
>However, due to the large number of advertisers and the large volume
>of fraudulent activity, it takes a few weeks to gather full statistics
>on each account.
>Finally, if you would like a more personal advertising support,
>you may contact "Cash For Clicks" at,
>an independent agency that does advertising for us.
>Thank you,
>Security Department
>Cyberthrill Advertising

I posted CYBER THRILL'S banners on three of my web sites. When I had finally reached the minimum payout of $10, they didn't mail the check.
Four weeks after they were supposed to have mailed my check (for $11.20), I e-mailed them at and inquired about the status of my check. They responded with the same e-mail posted here by Bob Cash.

Most Cyber Thrill banner hosts never get paid. They never get an original, personally written response from Cyber Thrill. They all get that same e-mail.

I've e-mailed them every day since their first response, attaching documents showing that they are still collecting hits from my "banned" site and still crediting money earned to my "banned" account. Yet they refuse to mail the check, and they refuse to respond to my e-mails demanding to see the evidence they have of my alleged "fraud."

Visit my CYBER SCAM site for more details:

Les Paradise

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