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Our site is BETTER than the Yahoo! listed sites!
From Damion Graff at Prequel Spoilers on 24 March '99
Our website is pretty new (a month or so), but we've gotten at least a hundred hits a day through my own ad struggle. I've been trying to get listed at Yahoo! with this site for over a month with not even an e-mail reply. My site is WAY better than the top-rated sites of the same category! Our site has the LARGEST and most COMPREHENSIVE collection of spoiler info and pics on the new movie STAR WARS Episode I: The Phantom Menace. We've got a hug plot synopsis, a whole page of info for each character, a vehicles section, planets section, picture archive and a FAQ! It's by far the best prequel site on the web that I'VE seen (I don't have a big ego). If my site is so much better than the top listed prequel sites at Yahoo!, than WHY ARE WE NOT LISTED????

In the coming weeks, we're gonna set up a domain name account, so maybe that'll help. Until then, what the hell can I do?!


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