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Seperate Sites for each Product (for Yahoo)???
From Brett LaCroix at LaCroix Enterprises on 24 Dec '98
The problem:

My website has 10 different (unique) software titles and a Search Engine Submission Service. None of these 11 things have much in common with each other (spy software, Beanie Baby guide, Lottery Software, etc...).

Since Yahoo lists sites, and not individual pages, would it be worth it to create 11 different "stand alone" sites for the sole purpose of getting listed with yahoo?

I would get a second domain name, and create 11 stand alone sites (not gateway pages, complete mini-sites with only one product) with there own sub-domain name.

Is it worth it? Or should I try to get yahoo to list each one of my pages? It would be easy for me to create these individual sites on a seperate domain, because each one of my products is on it's own page anyway.

Second question:

If I do create a site for each product (built around a new domain name) which is a better format:


or pay the extra $$$ to have

With each having a more customized URL?

I don't mind spending the $$$ if it will help my listings.



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