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Re: Yahoo Business Express
From John on 25 March '99
replying to Yahoo Business Express posted by Norman Umberg

>To whom it may concern,
>After my recent experience with Yahoo, I have to ask myself how they got
>into such
>a dominant position. Surely it is to be blamed on the lack of
>sophistication on the part of the average surfer. Yahoo is many months
>behind on its reviews of site submissions, probably because they spend
>hours and hours reviewing each porn site which they then have no
>reluctance to index. Since they edit out sites that they consider
>unsuitable, their directory is both incomplete and many months out of
>Due to their inability to organize themselves for the influx of site
>submissions in a timely manner, they decided to make money on their own
>ineffiiency. They call it
>Yahoo Business Express. Their requirement that all transactions be made
>exclusively by on line credit card payment, with no prior e-mail contact
>so that the customer can
>ask questions prior to purchase, ensures that it will be a golden
>opportunity for scam sites to get traffic. Ethical businesses will be

>ruled out for various reasons suitable to Yahoo. I lost $199. A
>pitance in comparison to what I was prepared to spend on advertising on
>their site. It is the arrogance of their reply which upset me, not the
>It is a shame that far better search engines such as Excite and
>AltaVista have to take a back seat to such an inferior search service as
>I will live and succeed without Yahoo.

Hi Norman,
is it possible you could share with us the reply fromm Yahoo and give us some
details about your site?

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