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Re: Yahoo!
From sweb on 7 Dec '98
replying to Yahoo! posted by Ashish Singal

>I do not get it how Yahoo! picks their sites. i don't know for how long i have
>been stuggling to get my site listed. i have accually made two pages ( and but can get neither listed!
>I have listened to all of your advice, used keyword rich text, included meta tags, chose an appropraite catagory used an H1 html tagfor the title. why am i not listed???

Tags don't been jack to 'Yahoo!'. Just keep submitting every couple of weeks. They will send you an e-mail when you are listed. Be polite and persistant.

But don't rely on a Yahoo listing to bring to traffic. Be active in newsgroups and listserves related to your page and advertise your URL.

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