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2 questions: html email / index.cgi
From Rafe Kemmis on 10 April '99
Hello, I have 2 questions: 1.) How do you create email news letters that are made of html but browse when the email is opened or viewed? I have tried making html emails by using plain html to make the page inside the message of the email, but the client always shows the <html> tags when it is sent. I know it can be done because I get a few emails every week just the way I need to do it. Is there a special program or what?

question #2.) How can you tweak a webserver to use a .cgi file for a default index page on a domain? DO you use the .htaccess file? Any urls to pages that would help me would be apreciated.

Thank you,
Rafe A. Kemmis

p.s.- I was recently successful at getting my url changed on yahoo!. Now I am #6 in my section. Tons of hits baby ! :)

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