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Re: 2 questions: html email / index.cgi
From Rafe Kemmis on 10 April '99
replying to Re: 2 questions: html email / index.cgi posted by Darryl

Thanks for the reply, but it didn't really answere my questions the way I needed. If anyone else knows how to do these things or knows a page that will show me how to, I would be very thankful,
Thanks in advance,
Rafe Kemmis

>You just send the Html code (text) in the email message. The problem may be that the recipient my not be able to rewad html mail. You give the newslette subscriber the option to choose either text or html
>> 1.) How do you create email news letters that are made of html but browse when the email is opened or viewed? I have tried making html emails by using plain html to make the page inside the message of the email, but the client always shows the tags when it is sent. I know it can be done because I get a few emails every week just the way I need to do it. Is there a special program or what?
>You should have a Cgi bin provided by your host
>>question #2.) How can you tweak a webserver to use a .cgi file for a default index page on a domain? DO you use the .htaccess file? Any urls to pages that would help me would be apreciated.

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