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Re: Would LOVE you to check out my site
From Rafe Kemmis at Calista Flockhart on 13 April '99
replying to Would LOVE you to check out my site posted by Georgie Farmer

Ok, Here are just some ideas I have off hand:

1) You may want to create a smaller, good-looking index page for your tutor program so that your site shows off it's multi-page oriented design. Yahoo! likes to websites that are organized and have many pages that exist and are just as nice looking at the main page. You may want to have a small descriptive paragraph, then a button like 'click here to begin' that points to the toc. You could also use a kewl graphic on the main a logo, and try some dynamic stuff that the yahoo! admin will be entertained with.

2)Try validating your html if you haven't yet and get all the bugs out of it. If yahoo sees sloppy html, the might cut you for that.

3)Your main page has a link back to your main homepage... this might be the reason that it isn't getting listed. Yahoo! might see this page as a sub-section of your homepage and think you are trying to get more that one listing for the same site. If you must have a link back to your site, try making a 'links' page that have favorite links that people might enjoy and place your link there instead.

Try some of these then I can take a look at what you have later... also, make sure you read the section at deadlock about yahoo!!! They have a lot of useful info that you and I might be passing over right now.

Looks like a nice site, just change it up a little 8-)

>Hi Rafe,
>Thanks tons for your generous offer. I would really appreciate your advice if you have the time. The link is at the top of this post

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