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Name Change in Yahoo
From Tyson at Ablaze Candles on 17 May '99
We have changed our company name from Splendorlight Candles to Ablaze Candles. We have
also changed our URL from to (the still works for the time being) Right now, we are listed with Yahoo! as
splendorlight, and we would like to get this changed. We were listed only about a month ago,
and we don't wan't yahoo to think that we changed our name just to get better ranking. (we did
it because people could not spell splendorlight) Should we wait a while before contacting
them? Will they change it? How should we contact them?
Also, our description was chopped to bits and we would like to get them to change it. Should
we do it at the same time?

Thanks in advance.
Tyson Howard

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