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Re: Search Engines
From marilou at Asian Matchmaker - Asian, Latin & Russian Specialist on 9 June '99
replying to Search Engines posted by Ryan vdK

Ryan....are you serious?

1. There is no worthwhile content on your page. You haven't even gone to the trouble to make most of the places you mention a proper link so I can just click.

1A. The design of your page is very uninviting. (Have a look at your opposition)

2. It is VERY annoying to have 4 links going to the same place..which is already in plain site anyway.

3. You have written nothing of value and the few points you make are far to general with too few examples to be of any use. You have not even mentioned ANY of the top one hundred associate programs.

4. You have used none of the advice re meta- and alt- tags to be found on this site (and a million other places.)

You are in an extremely competative keyword area and I would say your page would be lucky to come in above about 2,000,000th place as it stands at the moment..

Sorry, but you did ask.

(By following all Jim's hints I took a site (2 domains) in a similarly difficult keyword area from zero to 300-400 hits a day in two months. (And I am still not in most of the engines.)(I still work 11 hour days seven days a week just learning, learning, submitting, learning. Last month I was online 480 hours!))

Have a look at the source code of other 'money' sites which do rate high in search engines and check their meta-tags (and alt-tags) - Most are pretty ordinary but you will get some ideas.

Have a look at FFA's (yes really) and see what "catch" phrases they are using. Most are scams or won't work but they are creative advertisers. Guess you have to be to sell nothing for money.

You can make money on the Web, but it requires very hard work.

Good luck - marilou

(If you are even a little bit serious - get your own domain. As a reviewer I rarely give more than 30sec to "member" sites.)


>OK, i've submitted my site to soooo many search engines. and they say that they've been put in. I've submitted many of my different sites to search engines, but i still never see them, and still - no hits!! it's making me very upset because i feel i put a lot of hard work into many of my different websites, but still nobody shows up. What can I do?

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