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Things that real bug me about doing e-commerce
From Jeff at Ackley Uniforms on 10 June '99
There was an article in today's Wall Street Journal about firms that
are giving up on web commerce. My site is mostly a hobby and I often
think I'd be better off chucking the e-commerce thing and concentrating
on our core business, conventional retailing and direct sales.

I love the internet; been on it since 1993. But like most of you, I
realize there's little prospect of making any real money. There are
now nearly 200 websites selling what we sell And the number of such
sites is growing at least as fast as the number of web surfers!
Prices are dropping too.

I must say what really bugs me is the dumb email we get. Often I'll
take time to write long replys to people with special problems. And
4 out of 5 times I never even get a "thank you"!

Another thing: Our site clearly says we don't have a mail order
catalog. Yet 2/3 of our email requests a catalog. Can't people read?

Your pet peeve?

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