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Re: Things that real bug me about doing e-commerce
From carl ballew on 10 June '99
replying to Things that real bug me about doing e-commerce posted by Jeff

Any time you have customers, you will have these same occurences,
whether they come through the front door, via phone call, or via
e-mail. If you are realizing a profit from either of these groups,
then it's much easier to shrug off the annoyances(though it can
still get on your nerves sometimes!).

I just visited your web site, and it's a nice site, but not once
while I was there did you offer to sell me anything. If you would
expand it to include detailed descriptions and pricing it might help.
I never respond to an ad from any source which does not contain

When I started my first web site, I, like you, had NO interest in
retailing. I quickly determined that nearly 100% of the people
visiting my site were retail buyers, and that I was wasting my time,
and my money, by ignoring this huge retail buying audience.

I would also bet that in your field, as in mine (at least where most
of my sites are concerned), most potential quantity buying customers
never even know your site exists, and never even look for it, unless
you promote it through other methods. I sell carpet on the web, and
most wholesale carpet buyers of any size don't search the web for
sources. But Good Lord, do the retail customers ever flock in!

My gut feeling is that you are missing a large source of income by not
retailing, I know nothing about the uniform business, but I do know
there are a lot of people out there who must buy there own.

Oops! Didn't mean to ramble! Just trying to be helpful!

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