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Re: Things that real bug me about doing e-commerce
From Baz on 11 June '99
replying to Things that real bug me about doing e-commerce posted by Jeff

If you where doing ecommerce then I would understand your arguments.

But your site isn't even a catalogue?

I go to your site, look at the locations of your stores, but I'm in Europe. Ok, They are on the Internet, I'll see if I can order from here - now let me look at the products you've got... Hang on no products listed???
Despite these problems, I still want to do business with you...
I'll ask for a catalogue.... Ooops No catalogue.

I can't buy from you.... So I go to someone who I can buy from.

I'm sorry for the above. But before you complain about the lack of response and sales for ecommerce - at least implement an ecommerce site... If you are using your website as an advert (which I think you are) then treat it as an advertising expense and leave it at that.

>There was an article in today's Wall Street Journal about firms that
>are giving up on web commerce. My site is mostly a hobby and I often
>think I'd be better off chucking the e-commerce thing and concentrating
>on our core business, conventional retailing and direct sales.
>I love the internet; been on it since 1993. But like most of you, I
>realize there's little prospect of making any real money. There are
>now nearly 200 websites selling what we sell And the number of such
>sites is growing at least as fast as the number of web surfers!
>Prices are dropping too.
>I must say what really bugs me is the dumb email we get. Often I'll
>take time to write long replys to people with special problems. And
>4 out of 5 times I never even get a "thank you"!
>Another thing: Our site clearly says we don't have a mail order
>catalog. Yet 2/3 of our email requests a catalog. Can't people read?
>Your pet peeve?

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