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Re: Things that real bug me about doing e-commerce
From Jeff on 11 June '99
replying to Re: Things that real bug me about doing e-commerce posted by Baz

>If you where doing ecommerce then I would understand your arguments.
>But your site isn't even a catalogue?
>I go to your site, look at the locations of your stores, but I'm in Europe. Ok, They are on the Internet, I'll see if I can order from here - now let me look at the products you've got... Hang on no products listed???
>Despite these problems, I still want to do business with you...
>I'll ask for a catalogue.... Ooops No catalogue.
>I can't buy from you.... So I go to someone who I can buy from.
>I'm sorry for the above. But before you complain about the lack of response and sales for ecommerce - at least implement an ecommerce site... If you are using your website as an advert (which I think you are) then treat it as an advertising expense and leave it at that.

First I must defend my site. It is PROFITABLE, and in that sense it
beats out 90% of the non-porno sites. In terms of return on investment,
it is very profitable. One reason is that we offer only a few key
products. Of course we have little investment in it, too.

But I wasn't asking for a site critique. I'm talking about the downside
of web commerce in general. THERE IS A BIG DOWNSIDE. How many of the
major sites are profitable? What about severe price competition?
Fraud? ANNUAL site obsolescence? What about the effort required to
keep up with technology?

Frankly most sites exist because: 1)being on the web is trendy. 2) the
owner was erroneously under the impression he'd get rich on the web
(yeah right!); 3) the owner dreams of doing a stock IPO or selling
his site to someone who going to do an IPO. 4) the site is into porno
and is actually making some money.

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