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Re: Things that really bug me about doing e-commerce
From carl ballew on 11 June '99
replying to Re: Things that really bug me about doing e-commerce posted by Jeff

>I appreciate the comments, Carl. My site's goal is a bit fuzzy. We don't
>have a shopping cart. Building an online catalog for even a small
>portion of our products would be very expensive. Our site is more of
>an "institutional" ad. And we are aiming more at corporate buyers
>looking for hard-to-find products. We get a fair amount of business
>from such buyers. From what I can tell, we probably do better than 90%
>of sites like ours.
>Retailing is what I like to a conventional store.
>But selling on the web can be a pain at times.

I didn't mean to insinuate that I disagree with your complaints. I
also get awfully tired of e-mails from people who have apparently
composed a generic letter and sent it to every site which even
remotely, MAYBE, has an answer they will like. I manage more than
one site for carpet, so I know for a fact that this occurs a lot.
The reverse side to this, however, is that I can't really blame them
for shopping, and can't really blame them for not reading every word
on my site.

I just try to keep in mind that as the internet matures, there will
be, as in everything else, winners and losers. There is no way all
the sites can be winners. The longer, therefore, that you and I
persevere, AND apply good common sense business judgement, the better
our return should be. Let all the others quit.

I still humbly suggest that you need to seperate yourself from all
those instant, thrown together web sites by having a more extensive
on-line catalog, WITH pricing. This is the method being
used by EVERY web-site which is emerging as tops in it's field, and
there is absoultely NO future in shooting for second place.

It's been my experience that the competition can think at least as
well as I can, and that if something makes sense, I had better be
doing it, because they certainly will be. Number one, or the future
number one, in your field is probably working on an on-line catalog
right now. If they beat you to the punch, it will eventually cost you

How many local people like us have and computer discount
warehouse ( cost a LOT of money (or put out of business)with
their web sites?

Rambling again...Have a great day!

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