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Excite & Yahoo Password (2nd try)
From Peter on 11 June '99

I was just wondering, is it wise to submit a page to a search engine powered by Excite if you've already submitted that page to Excite? For example, Excite powers AOL Netfind, Webscrawler, and a host of others it seems. If we submit to these search engines in addition to Excite, will the Excite robot consider it spamming their index by submitting the same pages more than once?

Also, I made a post regarding the Yahoo password and received two responces which I am grateful for. However, neither actually answered my question. I remember from reading Jim's Search Engines section that the Yahoo password does not guarantee a listing, but rather only a speedy review. I would just like to know if it's still active, or if it's no longer in use due to excessive use? Jim took the whole part about the Yahoo password off his site, so I was wondering if Yahoo discontinued use of the password. Does anybody know?


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