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Re: Things that real bug me about doing e-commerce
From Anonymous on 11 June '99
replying to Re: Things that real bug me about doing e-commerce posted by marge

Sorry, but I got to tell my story.

As of about 6 years ago my business was getting further end further into debt each year. We have a somewhat unique product, difficult to find a target audience to market to. A little over 2 years ago the internet light bulb went off in my head. My partner said "YOU'RE OUTA YOUR FREAKIN MIND"! I said the company was gonna buy me a computer....... it did. Spent a year getting the site done and "on-line". Last November 19th we had a fire. A BIG fire..... $750,000 of damage (a total loss). Remember, we were grosly in debt. Insurance would have been a total luxury. Spent 2 months working outa my living room, 6 phone lines tacked across the ceiling (my son called it the "spider house"). Well, that was about 7 months ago. The six years of accumulated debt? It's gone! Got a bit of debt from the fire still, but a lot less debt than before the fire. We figure we'll do about 1.5 million $ off the net this year. God I love the internet (I wake up every morning saying that *L*). And yeah, we get the wacked out crazies calling us every day. But sometimes they make a $6000 purchase.

Stop complaining, it's a business.

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