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Re: Yahoo Support E-Mail
From Jeff at Ackley Uniforms on 12 June '99
replying to Yahoo Support E-Mail posted by Michael Sparks

>I believe it was Bill who, a couple of months ago, posted something about a Yahoo support e-mail address which you could e-mail if they were taking too long to index your site. I've searched the Yahoo website for at least an hour and I can't find it anywhere. I've read their entire 8 or 9 page section on how to get your site listed, and read through almost their entire help/how-to section, and still can't find it. I did find two e-mail forms on their website to e-mail them with general feedback about your experiences using Yahoo, and another one to report bugs, but I haven't seen anything about a support e-mail address for people who have submitted their sites. I can understand that they would want to keep this e-mail address fairly well hidden, so that every Tom, Dick and Harry who's suggested a site doesn't bother them with e-mail demanding to know why their site hasn't been listed, but if there really is such a support e-mail address, hiding it this well is a bit ridiculous.
>Does anyone know if this support e-mail address still exists, and if so what it is, or where exactly one could find it on the Yahoo website?

I posted the email address which worked for me and, surprisingly, got
little comment from others on this board.
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