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Re: Things that real bug me about doing e-commerce
From Aladdin Brittle on 14 June '99
replying to Re: Things that real bug me about doing e-commerce posted by Darryl

>Nice Story?
>But a little suspect when you don't leave a name or a site.

Depends where the author lives. In the UK at least it's a criminal offence to knowingly trade
at a loss (though someone's doing it right now, hoping that things
will miraculously start to get better).

Maybe the author didn't want to advertise the fact the business was
so deep in the mire a few years back?

In 30 years' time s/he can mention it in passing, at a Rotary dinner
or some such, and nobody will turn a hair. Today, it's a little
too recent to take the risk.

BTW: My name is not as given IRL.

>>Sorry, but I got to tell my story.
>>As of about 6 years ago my business was getting further end further into debt each year. We have a somewhat unique product, difficult to find a target audience to market to. A little over 2 years ago the internet light bulb went off in my head. My partner said "YOU'RE OUTA YOUR FREAKIN MIND"! I said the company was gonna buy me a computer....... it did. Spent a year getting the site done and "on-line". Last November 19th we had a fire. A BIG fire..... $750,000 of damage (a total loss). Remember, we were grosly in debt. Insurance would have been a total luxury. Spent 2 months working outa my living room, 6 phone lines tacked across the ceiling (my son called it the "spider house"). Well, that was about 7 months ago. The six years of accumulated debt? It's gone! Got a bit of debt from the fire still, but a lot less debt than before the fire. We figure we'll do about 1.5 million $ off the net this year. God I love the internet (I wake up every morning saying that *L*). And yeah, we get the wacked out crazies calling us every day. But sometimes they make a $6000 purchase.
>>Stop complaining, it's a business.

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