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Third Voice Software (amazing!)
From Jeff at Ackley Uniforms on 26 June '99
I just read the article in the July 5 Forbes about a program called Third
Voice that lets you post notes on someone ELSES website...kinda like
Post-It notes. There's nothing the owner of the posted-over site can
do about it!

You can download the free software for reading and writing the notes at So far, it only works with IE 4.0 (which I
don't have).

The notes are only visible to someone who has the software. Only 30,000
people have the software so far (mostly kids who use it as a type of
graffi). Of course, the notes aren't on the website being watched;
they reside on the Third Voice site.

Every site owner should be aware of this innovative product. Imagine if
this kind of software becomes bundled into the next generation of
browsers. Lordy!

Now there's no need to rank first in a SE. Just post a note on the #1
site telling people to come to your site!!!! Maybe the internet of
the year 2005 will look a lot like a New York subway car. A very
unsettling product.

Any of you have experience with Third Voice?

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