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Re: $200 to be listed in Yahoo
From Tim Bosley on 3 July '99
replying to Re: $200 to be listed in Yahoo posted by Jim

>>I weekly news letter I get from
>>said that Yahoo announced it is now charging $200 for
>>'Express Listing'. Is this true, any one tried it? Anyone think
>>it would be worth it?
>I'd say it would be a good idea for somebody who had submitted 2-3
>times unsuccessfully because at least you'll be told the REASON
>you failed, so you can fix whatever it is and hopefully submit a
>successful listing the next time. Once you have a listing, you
>should easily be able to make $199 back with the extra traffic -
>or else you must be doing something badly wrong :)

You know I wouldn't pay $200 because it still doesn't garantee that you will get in.
I think they should at least contact you and tell you why you didn't get in and give you another chance to change your page.

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