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Best FREE SE Software? BLAM!
From Colin at SALVATION: Heaven on Earth on 5 July '99
At the risk of being BLASTED off the board by Jim, (for not buying his software)
(I don't own a computer!)
Can anyone suggest the BEST FREE SE. prom software.
I've tried the ususal Online submit sites like worldmachine, with very poor results). I've tried a few programmes from Tucows but have problems installing them on the LAN I use. Addweb loads but is so stody to run, and so far I've not had a single successful submission with it!)

I'm thinking of the minor Se's, I did the majors by hand to make sure!

Oh, and finally, Yahoo! don't seem to accept any URLs from the Free Web Hosts, Xoom, Tripod etc. But now that they are buddies with Geocities, has anyone had any success getting listed using a free geo site?


Kerpow! Crack!

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