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There's no such thing as... Spam-free bulk e-mail
From Jim on 21 July '99
replying to Spam-free bulk e-mail posted by Pete

>Does anyone know of any legitimate, reputable services which provide
>bulk e-mail services (non-spam) for site promotion?

By definition, there really is no such thing.

If you're sending mail to a list which somebody else has provided to
you, then the people on the list have not asked to be sent commercial
email from you (they've never heard of you, so how can they?) Therefore
what you are sending them is spam, pure and simple.

These "mailing list vendors" claim to have lists of people who have
requested to receive commercial email. Now, I ask you, who in their
right mind would knowingly agree to accept commercial email from
"anybody who was sold my email address"?

Bulk email services will tell you anything to make you pay them money
but in reality, if you purchase a list of email addresses, they have
been "harvested" from Web sites.

"Postmaster Direct", mentioned in another message in this thread, are
spam merchants the same as any other, they just take their lies a bit
further, that's all.

If you want a legitimate list of recipients there's only one way to
get it, and that's the hard way - create an opt-in list by inviting
people to join it (from your Web site).

Or, why not pay for an advertising slot in somebody else's newsletter?
You could start here:

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