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Get a listing on Yahoo! quick
From Jim C. II at Electronic Card Service on 31 Dec '98
Those of you who are having such terrible times getting listed on Yahoo! this is for you....well that is if you live in the USA, otherwise, this tip will NOT benefit you. Please tip does not guarntee that you will get a listing on Yahoo!, however, the chances of you getting listed are quite high. Ok, everyone gather around cause I'm only gonna say this once. <smile>

The trick is to get listed on Yahoo's local directory first...this is how ya do it:

First, go to the Yahoo! site and go allllll the way down to the bottom of the page where it asks for your zip code. Enter it in, your city name will pop up, click on it, if your site is business related you must click on the "Business & Shopping" link, from there choose 2 categories if you can that you want you site listed in, then click on "suggest a site" on one of the category pages that you would like you site listed in, do all that (do exactly what they say), then submit.

Then go over on Yahoo's regular directory, find 2 categories on their reg. directory that you'd like your site listed in, click on "suggest a site" on one of the category pages that you would like your site listed in, fill out the form, then submit. what? Well, wait exactly one week, you will then receive a letter by email telling you that your site will be listed in Yahoo's local directory.

By doing this you could possibly get listed in as many as 4 categories (not saying you will, but you could), instead of 2, and yes you can cause I have seen it with my own eyes, I would give you the name of the site that was able to do it, but I don't remember it, I'll try and find it again. But I do know that they were able to do it by using the method I mentioned above. I used this method on 3 sites that I operate and in exactly one week all 3 sites were listed in Yahoo's local directory. Why is it so quick? Cause they don't get as many requests for the local directory like they do their regular one. You may get listed in less than a week in the local directory, I've heard of people who have. Once your listed in the local directory all it takes is a few weeks and you'll then have your site listed in the reg. directory. At least it only took a few weeks (2 weeks for me) for me to get the 3 sites I submitted listed in Yahoo's regular directory, however, it may take longer than that.

That's it folks, it worked for me, it worked for others, so most certainly it can work for you! <smile> Be on the lookout for a post that will explain a way to get your Yahoo! listing changed if it's not to your liking...again I can't guarntee it will work, but it has worked for others, I have yet to try it myself (and I do need to for 2 of my sites).

Jim C. II

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