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Re: There's no such thing as... Spam-free bulk e-mail
From Jim on 22 July '99
replying to Re: There's no such thing as... Spam-free bulk e-mail posted by Linda

>Do you really think the opt-in service Postmaster Direct is a spam
>merchant? I'm vehemently against spam (as you can see in my article
>at, but I thought such opt-in
>lists as Postmaster Direct were acceptable. After all, people don't
>have to subscribe--they do so willingly, and they choose the
>categories they'd like to receive ads in. Doesn't PMD screen their
>clients before sending their ads to the list to make sure the ads
>are appropriate for the intended category?

I have to admit they put a good case across, but quite frankly I
still find it pretty dubious and I personally wouldn't go near them
with a ten foot pole, as either a webmaster or a subscriber.

There's no substitute for building your OWN list. It's tough, but
far more rewarding than "borrowing" somebody else's list, of dubious

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