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Re: Search Engines
From Jackson on 24 July '99
replying to Search Engines posted by Ryan vdK

>OK, i've submitted my site to soooo many search engines.
and they say that they've been put in.
I've submitted many of my different sites to search engines,
but i still never see them, and still - no hits!!
it's making me very upset because i feel i put a lot of hard work
into many of my different websites, but still nobody shows up.
What can I do?

Dear friend,

If you want opinion. I would be honest with you.

Your site is a disater!!!

It will be a miracle for your site to show up on search engine.

Few points you must focus on:
1. Rang of keyword for your product
2. Break these keywords into at least 100 groups
3. Repeat these individual group of keywords in very high FREQUENCY in
your title, so you end up 100 versions of web page for each individual group.
4. Use a 3 column table: Left, center, right.
Fill those keywords in each individual group into left and right,
WITH <font size = "1"> color = "the very light blue color"
5. Do the something similar to the description meta tag.

I gurantee you get listed number one or two!!!!!!!!!!!

Key for high ranking:
1. Frequency of keywords repeatition.
2. Title
3. Description and keywords
4. The laser analogy, BE FOCUS AS A LASER. Focus on a small group of keywords
with high repeation rate.
5. Make sure all keywords at very very close to the top of your page!!!

That's why I suggest you to use small font, tiny!!, with color close to your background.

Don't make it like a dirty trick:
easy, money, quick cash...

Do this:
This site has to do with easy cash, quick cash, easy money...
Use tiny font!!!

Do the rest for the another 99 groups of keywords in your keyword file.

That's a guarantee, number 1 or 2 position among 1000 or over!!!

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