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From Lisa at Alternative Office Solutions on 1 Jan '99
Hello. One quick question. I offer computer related services including word processing. I am trying to narrow down my keywords, but I'm confused about something. Obviously, 'word processing' is the most important keyword. I plan to use 'typing' and 'secretarial services' too. I know that you are supposed to try and use your keywords often and early on in the page. My question is this: if my main keyword is 'word processing', will the phrase word processing services be used when calculating the occurance of 'word processing'? In other words, should I try to only use 'word processing' when writing my paragraph so that the occurance will be higher or will 'word processing services' count as an occurance of 'word processing'? Same thing for 'typing' verses 'typing services'. I hope this makes sense. I may not have explained very well. Please let me know if I need to clarify. Thanks in advance.

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