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Re: Deadlock Partner HTML
From Inachu at Help Desk on 30 July '99
replying to Re: Deadlock Partner HTML posted by Darryl

>>On your Deadlock partner page it was starting to be a little
>>cloud over my head as to having a link to your page.
>>I click to and all you gave
>>was more links.
>If it's a burden why a you bothering
>>If you could do a link with cut and paste ability so that we can paste.
>>the html into our website then it would make thing a lot easier for us.
>Jim Is offering you his content with a link back to your site. If someone buys that
>click thru that get a commission, right!
>>Also where is the banner? Most advertising banners are the set standard
>>size like the ones LinkExchange uses. I could not find one to put
>>on my homepage. I do not want a silly 20X80 small gif as a banner.
>Is this an appropriate way to ask for something. You should have emailed Jim directly.
>How old are you anyway :>)
My request was in general..... Then he should have read this and not you.
Yes I will email him.

This has nothing to do with age or EGO........

It's caled taking care of business. Do you always work against
as they say "Against the wind?","Rubbing against the grain?"

Oh well this means only one thing but I'd hate to start a flame war...


>>I think it would be best to have an animated banner.
>People ignore banners, but they won't ignore good content. Be thankful that you get to add
>good content to your site and get paid for it.

That point is still being debated but you do have a point that
good content attracts people but when content is at a premium.........

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