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Re: Deadlock Partner HTML
From Inachu at Help Desk on 30 July '99
replying to Re: Deadlock Partner HTML posted by Inachu

>>>On your Deadlock partner page it was starting to be a little
>>>cloud over my head as to having a link to your page.
>>>I click to and all you gave
>>>was more links.

>>If it's a burden why a you bothering

This response is from a business who is trying to make money?

Hope you do not treat all your customers this way.....
This means you are not serious about making money,


>>>If you could do a link with cut and paste ability so that we can paste.
>>>the html into our website then it would make thing a lot easier for us.
>>Jim Is offering you his content with a link back to your site. If someone buys that
>>click thru that get a commission, right!
>>>Also where is the banner? Most advertising banners are the set standard
>>>size like the ones LinkExchange uses. I could not find one to put
>>>on my homepage. I do not want a silly 20X80 small gif as a banner.
>>Is this an appropriate way to ask for something. You should have emailed Jim directly.
>>How old are you anyway :>)
>My request was in general..... Then he should have read this and not you.
>Yes I will email him.
>This has nothing to do with age or EGO........
>It's caled taking care of business. Do you always work against
>as they say "Against the wind?","Rubbing against the grain?"
>Oh well this means only one thing but I'd hate to start a flame war...
>>>I think it would be best to have an animated banner.
>>People ignore banners, but they won't ignore good content. Be thankful that you get to add
>>good content to your site and get paid for it.
>That point is still being debated but you do have a point that
>good content attracts people but when content is at a premium.........

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