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A word about mass submissions
From Mr.Hanky on 14 August '99
replying to look at this for me?! posted by James Pegan

>I just found this site offering submition for 1800+ search engines >and directories for only $9.95!? Is this a good deal?

Okay, here's the deal. <b><i>A lot </b></i> of the sites on most submission lists are of the "free for all" type. How much traffic do you think "The Super Spectacular Honey Bunny Free4All Links Page Number 6" is going to get. These obscure pages don't get that much traffic, and what's the chance of the visitors they <i>do get</i> finding your site in all the jumble?

Use Simple Submit or another similar <b>free</B> program to submit to the top search engines, but then spend the time to find quality, high traffic sites whose visitors' would be interested in your site.
Also, never underestimate the power of participating (not spamming) in Newsgroup discussions whose topics relate to your field.

You will get 95% of your traffic this way. Why waste all that bandwidth and energy to grab another 5% (at best) by mass submission to "Free for All" and other abscure directories?

Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo

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