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From Scott on 15 August '99
replying to A word about mass submissions posted by Mr.Hanky

>>I just found this site offering submition for 1800+ search engines >and directories for only $9.95!? Is this a good deal?
>Okay, here's the deal. <b><i>A lot </b></i> of the sites on most >submission lists are of the "free for all" type. How much traffic do >you think "The Super Spectacular Honey Bunny Free4All Links Page >Number 6" is going to get. These obscure pages don't get that much >traffic, and what's the chance of the visitors they <i>do get</i> >finding your site in all the jumble?

I agree that many of the sites you submit to will not get much traffic but... if those pages get spidered by a big SE and your URL is captured, your page ranks higher. Most SE give preference to pages that have a lot of links back to them.

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