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Re: Should Store Sites Stand Alone?
From Gil on 21 Oct '99
replying to Should Store Sites Stand Alone? posted by Amy

>Our corporate site currently houses our store. Business has been disappointing. I have been discussing the issue of setting up a seperate site for the store with my boss. Do you think we would attract more business that way? The corporate site is about commercial aquarium construction and the store sells books and multimedia related to aquarium keeping and marine science topics.

There are good arguments either way. If the corporate site is getting good traffic, it may feed the store. OTOH, it may be asking too much of that page to send folks to the store since they came for commercial design/build info (BTW, be careful with those alt tags, you get real close to overkill - I would be very interested in how they perform for you)

At the same time, you do a good job of tagging the store front noframes page, so it is indexable on its own. Then again, you probably won't get a Yahoo! listing with a sub-url and I don't see the store page on an Inktomi search either, although the corporate page ranks high.

In fact I can't find you in Yahoo! itself at all (bummer)

I'd separate them, and promote them each differently because they have different audiences, while maintaining the crosslinks you already have in place.

I'd hunt for a strong retail sounding domain name for the store.

And I'd put most of my store promotion budget in print off line (the fish equivalent of CAT FANCY if it is affordable - you can tell I am not a fish person)

I'd try to have as much of this as possible in place in time for the Christmas rush (already late) because that can be as much as 50-60% of retail. Seriously, T-giving to X-mas - these days Halloween to X-mas - is make or break time for retail catalog and on line sellers.

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