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From Scott Hamlin at Internet Swiss Army Knife on 26 Oct '99
replying to posted by Greg Blasko

>Hello all,
>Does anyone have any experience with My ISP is SimpleNet, and currently they don't provide detailed referrer reports. What are the other SimpleNet customers using for statistics? SimpleNet's statistical program, SimpleStats, is pretty basic.
>As for users, what are your opinions? Are you happy with the service? Are the statistics assurate? Has anyone compared SuperStats to actual server statistics? What exactly is included in the free SuperStats Lite program?

Hi Greg. I've been using SuperStats for a while and find it to be pretty acururate. I've had trouble getting into the site once in a while, but nothing to cry about.

I have had a good experience on a whole with many of the offerings. SiteMiner and WatchDog are very handy, although they will start charging for WatchDog eventually.

Just a side note, no server stats program can replace downloading those raw access logs. Sit down once every day or two and read them through. You may catch something your stats program missed!

Scott Hamlin

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