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Re: Advertising offers from companies
From Nicholas on 30 Oct '99
replying to Advertising offers from companies posted by Swanny

>I would greatly appreciate any advice you folks could give me on advertising prices for my site.

CPM means "cost per thousand," with the M being Roman numeral 1000.
It is a term from print advertising. It was used rather mindlessly
even in print, since the question of value is really
"CPM/per size of ad/per position/per many more things."

I would just call around, and find out what ridiculous prices other
sites are charging for impressions or click-throughs. People like me
do not pay these rates, but many do.

Then see for his white paper on banner rates, called
I-Way Robbery. :-)

Banners are largely being bought on ego. This was predictable. It was
sheer folly for sites to brag about their metrics; for the first time
in history, corporations started judging whether ads were actually
paying out. Happily for those selling advertising, ego overruled those
little voices saying "Boss, this ain't working!" and now web
advertising is as irrational as print or air.

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