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From Duncan O at The Urban Legend magazine - humor on 8 Nov '99
Hey all,

Can somebody who knows for sure please clear up a point of confusion
about The Open Directory (

I know that Alta Vista and Lycos among others use The Open Directory's
listings in their new directory structure. I also notice that my
site is listed in some categories at The Open Directory, but not
listed in the same categories at other directories (Lycos, AV).

Just now I went to Lycos and submitted the site to the same directory
it's under at But the form and all were identical to the
one used by, and the editors are the same.

So, does this mean that Lycos just haven't picked up the latest
listings from, or do I have to go these directories
( Lycos, AV) and submit the site there?

thanks in advance
Duncan O'Neill
The Urban Legend magazine

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