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Re: I Need a Contest Idea!
From Thad at Dental Distortions on 11 Nov '99
replying to I Need a Contest Idea! posted by Greg Blasko

>Hi everyone - I'm thinking about running a promotional contest on where the winner will receive two lift tickets to a ski resort here in New England. I think this can be a great promotional technique, but I need some ideas on what type of contest to hold.
>The contest can be as simple as contestants filling out a form or demographics poll, and then I randomly select a winner. However, I would like to hold a more interesting contest.
>I've seen sites that hold a kind of "treasure hunt" where you must find a particular icon, "hidden" somewhere on the site which is the only link to the entry form. I could "hide" a lift ticket icon somewhere on which links to the entry form, but my first impression was that this is simply a cheap way to increase traffic. I pride myself (like many of you) on offering useful information and I'm not sure if I want people blindly clicking around my site looking for a lift ticket icon without using or even noticing the information that I provide.
>I'd love to hear some opinions on the above option as well as any other ideas that you have. Be creative...I'm willing to consider anything right now. The only requirement is that the contest must be very objective, with a clear-cut winner, and gives all contestants an equal chance of winning. Thanks in advance for everyone's help! This could be fun to hear all of your ideas.
>Greg Blasko



I have a friend who works for the publication that produces POWDER magazine. Although I am not much of a skier, after reading through some of her 'coffee table' literature, my feelings are that the demographics you are dealing with are young people 18-25 into extreme sports and that kind of stuff.

How about a contest encouraging stories about the best ski/snow board trip or a funny thing that happened or ???. You can award the best story based on meeting the criteria that you set for the contest and post their story on your website.

It's always fun to tell other people about your own exploits, maybe brag a little, and although most might agree that your demographics maybe aren't the type to sit down and write a story, we are talking about lift tickets, and you may be suprised at how many interesting and funny stories you wind up with.

Good luck,

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