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Re: Has anyone tried the Hitbox tracking system?
From Duncan O at The Urban Legend magazine - humor on 16 Nov '99
replying to Has anyone tried the Hitbox tracking system? posted by Nicholas

>Has anyone tried Hitbox tracking from WebSideStory in San Diego,

Yes, I use it on my site, and have been for about three months now.
As far as I can tell, though I'm no expert, they're the best tracking
service around.

Their pros and cons;

More stats than you can shake a stick at. e.g. REFERRING urls, search
engines, keywords, e-mails. TRAFFIC - returning visitors, ferquency
of their visits, how many times they've been there, daily uniques,
monthly uniques. NAVIGATION - time spent on sites, most requested
pages, time spent on pages, exit pages, etc, etc. SYSTEM - vistors'
browser version, page resolution, OS. And about 20 more. The
referral part of their report is gold, because you can (obviosuly)
track how well different promo campaigns and search engines are
performing for you.

They give you the option of rotating your banner around their
top-ranking sites( free), and list you by traffic flow in their
'community'. So you've got a banner exchange system as well.

Can track multiple pages.

The free option (which I use) means you have to put a 468x60 banner
(or choice of a smaller one) on all the pages you want tracked. If you
pay for the service you don't have to display the banner.

Loading time - their banners seem to be about 10k, and sometimes it
takes a while for their server to reply when your page is loading.

OCCASIONALLY,(like right now) their service goes down, and obsessives
like me can't view their stats for a few hours.

Their system seems to assume you are 'au fait' with all the workings
of these things. Tech support is slow to reply, and you have to jump
through quite a few hoops to communicate with them.

Anyhoo, despite the above cons, I'd recommend them because their
data and stats are so comprehensive and well-presented.

Whew! Didn't mean for this to turn into an essay, but there you go.
Hope it helps.

Duncan O'Neill
editor, The Urban Legend magazine

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