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Re: Has anyone tried the Hitbox tracking system?
From Nicholas on 17 Nov '99
replying to Re: Has anyone tried the Hitbox tracking system? posted by Duncan O

>>Has anyone tried Hitbox tracking from WebSideStory in San Diego,
>Yes, I use it on my site, and have been for about three months now.
>As far as I can tell, though I'm no expert, they're the best tracking
>service around.
>Their pros and cons;
>More stats than you can shake a stick at. e.g. REFERRING urls, search
>engines, keywords, e-mails. TRAFFIC - returning visitors, ferquency
>of their visits, how many times they've been there, daily uniques,
>monthly uniques. NAVIGATION - time spent on sites, most requested
>pages, time spent on pages, exit pages, etc, etc. SYSTEM - vistors'
>browser version, page resolution, OS. And about 20 more. The
>referral part of their report is gold, because you can (obviosuly)
>track how well different promo campaigns and search engines are
>performing for you.
>They give you the option of rotating your banner around their
>top-ranking sites( free), and list you by traffic flow in their
>'community'. So you've got a banner exchange system as well.
>Can track multiple pages.
>The free option (which I use) means you have to put a 468x60 banner
>(or choice of a smaller one) on all the pages you want tracked. If you
>pay for the service you don't have to display the banner.
>Loading time - their banners seem to be about 10k, and sometimes it
>takes a while for their server to reply when your page is loading.
>OCCASIONALLY,(like right now) their service goes down, and obsessives
>like me can't view their stats for a few hours.
>Their system seems to assume you are 'au fait' with all the workings
>of these things. Tech support is slow to reply, and you have to jump
>through quite a few hoops to communicate with them.
>Anyhoo, despite the above cons, I'd recommend them because their
>data and stats are so comprehensive and well-presented.
>Whew! Didn't mean for this to turn into an essay, but there you go.
>Hope it helps.

Thanks, Duncan. Yep, I like essays.

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